Andie Hines-Lagemann

Andie Hines-Lagemann


Meet Andie Hines-Lagemann.

Following a successful career in marketing and corporate event planning, in August of 2020 Andie Hines-Lagemann became an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and launched Tidewater Coaching. Andie helps her clients to align their strengths and goals by leveraging their EQ. Andie is on the Global Entrepreneurship Committee for the US Department of State, Input community advisory board, serves on the Women’s Fund steering committee for the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, serves on the advocacy committee for the United Way of Allen County, and is a recent recipient of the Torchbearer Award from the Indiana Commission for Women.

YWCA Asks:  What does an “empowering woman” means to you?

Andie:  For me, an empowering woman comes down to access. Beginning with basic needs such as safety, shelter, and healthcare (including mental healthcare) allows women to focus on goals and aspirations for themselves and their families. From there, opening doors to education and resources for career success is key to a sustainable livelihood and well-being, as well as a sense of fulfillment.

YWCA Asks:  In what ways do you feel you empower others?   

Andie:  In my own efforts to empower women, I founded Own Your Success in 2014, and am still the director. OYS supports 700 women entrepreneurs in Northeast Indiana through peer-to-peer mentoring and networking, events, an active online forum, and our annual Exalt Awards. I am on the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne Women’s Fund Steering Committee and Economic Security Sub-Committee, the United Way of Allen County Advocacy Committee, and have been involved in the past with the YWCA Circle event planning, as well as a contributing writer for Advancing Voices of Women (AVOW). Recently I was the keynote speaker for the First Fridays Women’s Empower Conference, will be speaking for Tapestry in 2022, am a recipient of the 2021 Women of Influence Award from KPC Media, and 2020 recipient of the Indiana Commission for Women Torchbearer Award.

YWCA Asks:  Would you share a tidbit of information or experience  that may be helpful to other women?

Andie:  One thing that I coach on is dispelling work/life balance. As women, there is so much pressure to work, keep the house in order, provide for the emotional and physical needs of our family, volunteer, and somehow also find time to take care of ourselves. The mental picture here is a scale with our family on one side, and everything else on the other. If something needs our attention on the work side of the scale, our family is suffering. If the kids or your spouse need attention, you are a negligent employee/business owner. It’s complete nonsense and frankly unrealistic. I coach on work/life blending. By taking care of what needs to be taken care of on any given day or any given moment, and releasing yourself from guilt about anything that may need to come later, you will gain a healthier mindset and more productive approach. In a nutshell – give yourself ample grace. You are doing the best you can.