Local celebrities share “Aha!” moments that have helped them feel more empowered.

Hannah Shoue

Grants Manager, YWCA Northeast Indiana

"Before working at YWCA, I didn't know much about domestic violence or addiction. I applied to YWCA Northeast Indiana to use my skills to help women and further their mission. In my time here, I've greatly deepened my knowledge of how domestic violence and substance use affect women in particular, in addition to systemic barriers such as racism and misogyny. My 'Aha!' moment is that now, knowing that 1 in 3 women in our community have experienced domestic violence and understanding the clinical nature of substance use disorder, I have greater compassion for the variety of challenges facing women and survivors. I am honored to be able to make a slight difference in the circumstances of others through my role at YWCA."

Cheri Becker

Principal, Becker Consulting

"Leadership is a gift and privilege built on trust. To be a leader in the advancement of women, one must be willing to add your name to bring someone else forward. An 'Aha!' moment is that women cannot afford to stand in the shadows. Look for ways to help advance others. Seek out. Stay curious."

Tamyra Kelly

Public Information Officer, East Allen County Schools

"An 'Aha!' moment for me was when I realized that when we choose to forgive it opens up blessings that are stored up just for us! After you forgive…breathe, smile, and move forward."

Kayla Luithly

YWCA Northeast Indiana Marketing and Development Committee Member

"At times, I have experienced imposter syndrome. It was an 'Aha!' moment for me when someone I admire confessed that they, too, experience these feelings at times. Being authentic and vulnerable can be freeing! The more I practice being me with people I trust, the more I discover the beauty in it, especially during tough times."

Tom Salzer

Principal, Health & Wellness Market Leader
Elevatus Architecture

“Much of what I know about being a professional and a good family man I learned from my father-in-law, Bob Sebastian. He taught me how to set my priorities, with family coming first. My ‘Aha!’ moment is that not everyone has had support from family. I have an ‘Aha!’ moment at almost every YWCA board meeting when I hear what our clients face and how we help them.”

Dawn Clopton

Vice President - Community Development, Premier Bank

"In my spare time, I get the opportunity to coach cheerleading. Over the years, students come and go. Some names and faces I remember, but some I don’t. It wasn’t until my 7th year of coaching that I had a former student return to thank me for setting their life on the right path. While she was my student, she was homeless. But because I made an effort to keep her on my team and on a regular schedule with the others, she was able to build confidence, make the most of her situation, and learn valuable lessons about family and community. She was able to graduate and even attend college. She credits her success partly to me because I didn’t give up on her. My “Aha!” moment is to never give up on anyone because of their temporary circumstances. Help them overcome it!"

Becky Hill

Retired, former CEO of YWCA Northeast Indiana

"Rosetta Moses Hill helped me and everyone else realize how racism affected her on a daily basis. She was the best teacher. My “Aha!” moment is that we need to continually be learning to be good students of those around us."