Jenna Leffers

Jenna Leffers


Meet Jenna Leffers.

Jenna Leffers graduated from IU Fort Wayne in December 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. She started with Vera Bradley as a Sales Associate in August 2010 and celebrated her 10 years with the company this past year.

In 2013 she began her career in corporate in the marketing department and then moved to Public Relations in early 2016.

YWCA Asks: What does an “empowering woman” mean to you? 

Jenna: When I hear “empowered woman” I often picture a confident woman standing tall with a smile on her face, ready to take on anything! This mental picture is my  personal motivation when I feel less than I should and is a quick reminder to me I am worthy of success and happiness in everything I do!

YWCA Asks: In what ways do you feel that you empower other women? 

Jenna: Through my ten years at Vera Bradley, I have often been told that my optimistic outlook and cheerful personality has helped co-workers take on challenges in their days and been a friendly reminder to not to sweat the small things in the day and stay focused on your own successes.

YWCA Asks:  Would you please share an experience or tidbit of knowledge that would help other women?

Jenna: A lesson learned in my career is to stay confident in yourself and your work will show it! If your proud of yourself and the things you accomplish in your daily to-do’s, others will see that in you and trust your work and judgements.