Amy DiNovo Hathaway & Angie Zelt

Amy DiNovo Hathaway & Angie Zelt

Meet Amy DiNovo Hathaway and Angie Zelt

Amy DiNovo Hathaway and Angie Zelt are co-owners of LetterPerfect Services, established in 1995. At LetterPerfect Services, they believe that it is through acts of service that lives are changed for the better. For this reason, LetterPerfect Services has dedicated its resources to serving organizations that serve others. Making their clients’ mission our passion for over 25 years.

Amy and Angie specialize in providing fund development services and administrative support to nonprofit organizations throughout northeast Indiana. In 2019, LetterPerfect was nominated for Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Northeast Indiana. Certified as a Women-Owned Business, Amy and Angie are committed to enabling their partner organizations to do what they do best. “It is easy to enjoy your work when you are passionate about the cause,” said Angie Zelt, co-owner of LetterPerfect Services. “We value the unique and essential services provided by YWCA Northeast Indiana.  It’s an honor to be a part of their fund development team and make a difference in our community – one person at a time.”

YWCA Asks: “What does “an empowering woman” mean to you?

Amy and Angie: An empowering woman seeks to encourage others to find their own inner strength while supporting them in their journey, however that journey may look. We each bring to the table a varying array of skillsets, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses, all of which create our own power within. The strength is there, often buried, and sometimes we just require help in finding it. Guiding an individual in capitalizing on their unique qualities, gifts, and experiences helps them find their personal potential. We can all do great things!

YWCA Asks: In what ways do you feel you empower other women?

Amy and Angie: We believe through sharing life experiences, failures, and successes, women are able to build each other up. We empower by walking alongside others. When you walk alongside someone, you are sharing and supporting their personal journey rather than walking ahead of them and leading them through your journey. LetterPerfect seeks to mentor women through casual opportunities in our personal and professional world, always being very intentional with time spent with other women of all ages. Women often need reassurance that none of us are perfect. We all struggle, and we all have great successes whether it is through career or a choice to focus solely on raising a family. Every woman has great value! We have found that with every chance we have had to truly listen, great opportunities have risen to the surface and amazing relationships were created.

YWCA Asks: Would you share a tidbit of information or experience that may be helpful to other women?

Amy and Angie: Don’t be afraid to take chances! Starting LetterPerfect was a leap of faith 25 years ago. But as sisters, we had confidence in each other and were committed to meeting challenges head on.  Always have faith in yourself and value your uniqueness. Acknowledge the fact you can’t know everything; we are all always learning. Wisdom comes from years of experience, successes, and failures. Learning is growing and with growth comes greater potential. Once you find your voice and your passion, commit to empowering others. Take pride in the community you are part of, give back, and pay it forward.