Crystal Ortiz

Crystal Ortiz


Meet Crystal Ortiz.

Crystal is the founder of Socialhart LLC, a boutique SEO Consultant and Strategy Firm based in Fort Wayne, IN. She is most known for her work in SEO, and has been featured in SEO Testing, Sitebulb, Databox, and ContentKing, and has been a conference speaker for the SEO Mastery Summit.

Throughout her marketing career, she’s worked with DreamWorks, Peanuts, Original Penguin, Heely’s, Feiyue, St. Paul Eye Clinic, Orthopedic Associates of Central Maryland, Northwest Hair Restoration, Pegasus/Travel Tripper, The Manhattan Club, Mosaic Hotel, and more.

Crystal is a member of Women In Tech SEO, YWCA Northeast Indiana marketing committee, and Founder of the Digital Marketing – Fort Wayne Group.

She is passionate about fighting for racial justice, women’s rights, and victims of domestic violence.

YWCA Asks:  What does an “empowering woman” mean to you?

Crystal: When I think of an empowered woman I think of a woman who is connected. She’s connected with her own voice and connected with things and people around her. She’s connected to where she came from and where she wants to go. And an empowered woman, to me, is someone who is able to make her own choices. An empowered woman chooses her own path.

YWCA Asks: In what ways do you feel you empower other women?

Crystal: I feel that I empower other women by allowing compassion for myself as well as others. As a woman, that can be really hard. We strive to be great friends, sisters, daughters, wives, mothers, coworkers. It’s a lot of pressure. So in allowing ourselves to be human, we can show compassion to others. Help others find their confidence. We’re different in so many ways but also so alike.

YWCA Asks: Would you share a tidbit of information or experience that may be helpful to other women?

Crystal:  Listen to your inner voice, the one that comes from your heart. Listen to your intuition. What is it telling you? I don’t think my inner voice has ever failed me. Not even once. Is your boss treating you poorly? It might be time to move on. Are you feeling angry all the time? It might be time to seek guidance. Are you putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect? It might be time to lighten your schedule. If you’re at a point where you have a choice to make, it can be really helpful to take a deep breath and listen to that inner voice. I know that’s not mind-blowing information, but it does seem to help me in times of need. My mom always says “It’s gonna be okay.” And it always is. When I’m stressed out, I hear her voice telling me that in my head. So listen to your inner voice, the one that takes care of you and comforts you, the one that tells you it’s gonna be okay.