Lisa Pickerman

Lisa Pickerman


Meet Lisa Pickerman.  

Lisa has been the Grants and Scholarships Specialist with the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne since January of 2017. She is responsible for the Community Foundation’s competitive grant cycle, scholarships, and acts as backup for administration.

Lisa graduated from Indiana Tech with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She started her career in banking where she worked for nine years before moving on to recruiting as an office administrator for four years. Lisa planned to be a stay at home mom but as it always can, life dealt her family a few twists and turns, and she came to work for the Community Foundation in 2017.

Lisa has been with her husband, Mark, for 18 years and has three beautiful children. Dexter is 7 years old, Ciara is 4 years old, and Archer is one. If Lisa is not spending time with her family, then you can usually find her with her nose in a book or crocheting.

YWCA Asks: What does an empowering woman mean to you?

Lisa:  An empowering woman is someone who is conscious of the women they meet along life’s path and lifting them up. Someone who makes sure they feel heard and valued. Women today still have a difficult time battling the fear that they are inadequate in some way. An empowering woman recognizes those who struggle to speak up and gives them encouragement to help the bravery shine through. An empowering woman has the ability to make an impression to last a lifetime. She’s that little angel sitting on your shoulder whispering, “You got this!”.

YWCA Asks: In what ways do you feel that you empower other women?

Lisa: Recently in the office, we have worked on our personal strengths and I discovered one of my strengths is Developer. I was confused when I first saw the description of a Developer, but after doing some reflection on my life, it makes so much sense. I love to help people be the best version of themselves. I take pride in making sure someone has the tools and confidence to push forward through whatever comes their way. I can only hope that I have had some impact on those I have met along life’s twisting and turning roads. If anything, I know I want to raise my daughter to become a strong and fierce woman and to raise my sons to appreciate and encourage the women in their lives.

YWCA Asks: Would you please share an experience or tidbit of knowledge that would help other women?  This could be a lesson learned, or motivational story, or information that you would like to share to help educate others.

Lisa: Do not be afraid to take that leap in front of you. Do the things that seem impossible to you. Do not be scared to reach out to those around you for support.

I am an introvert. I struggle in large crowds and would rather be behind the scenes. Working at the Community Foundation has given me opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone and break free of those doubts and fears I have carried with me. The support of the other strong women I work with has given me aspirations to become the best version of myself. I still get slightly nervous when I have to speak to a stranger or a large group, but that adrenaline rush after finishing the task at hand gives me affirmation that I can do anything with the support of my friends. Find yourself a group of empowering women to be in your corner and you can do the impossible!