Corinna Ladd

Corinna Ladd

Featured in this month’s Empowering Leaders Video Series is Corinna Ladd, Regional President of Northern Indiana for PNC Bank.  Mentorship and support from friends and family have helped her to achieve great success.

Corinna is devoted to nurturing important relationships in her life and considers relationships to be at the core of who she is. Corinna spoke of how important her friends, family, and even business relationships are to her. One relationship that shaped her throughout her life was her relationship with her parents. Corinna credits her parents with instilling in her the dedicated work ethic that has helped her achieve success.

Another aspect of relationships that has been important to Corinna is the relationships she’s had with various mentors over the years. Corinna spoke about how influential mentors were in shaping her life: “I grew the most as a person when I had the hardest moments with my mentors’, Corinna said. “To receive constructive feedback and to grow as a person takes two courageous people at the table, because the person dispensing the feedback has to show courage in doing that, and the person receiving the feedback has to have an open mind (and sometimes a thick skin and broad shoulders). But when everyone can bring that to the table, I think we become the best people we can be and the best professionals we can be.”

Because being mentored was so impactful for her, Corinna tries to give back in the same token by mentoring others as well. The lyrics of her favorite song, “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw, guide her desire to help others: “When you get where you’re goin’ / Don’t forget turn back around / Help the next one in line / Always stay humble and kind.” Corinna also explained that she tries to take advantage of opportunities to help others achieve their academic, career and business goals either to individuals or to one of five community organizations she currently is involved with in the region.

Another aspect of her life Corinna shared with us is that she prioritizes taking care of herself because taking time for herself helps her to be a more effective leader. Corinna says, “I think we show up best for other people when we feel our best.” For Corinna, practicing self-care means striving to eat healthy, exercise, respect others, and give her mind a break through coloring, solving puzzles, or other activities she enjoys.