Introducing: Empowerment Today for a Stronger Tomorrow

Introducing: Empowerment Today for a Stronger Tomorrow


Next week we will be launching the first edition of our 2020 newsletter. Titled Empowerment Today for a Stronger Tomorrow, this series will keep you updated on YWCA happenings, as well as introduce you to individuals who are furthering our mission in our six county area of impact. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to see each month:


Each edition will feature one of the various programs within our organization. You will get a glimpse into program activities and events, along with quotes from employees, interesting facts, and future program initiatives. This is a great way to learn more about what services YWCA Northeast Indiana provides and the employees who work on a daily basis to make a difference.


This section recognizes individuals who continually go above and beyond to support our mission and make a difference within our organization. This could be a volunteer, staff member, donor, or a committee member. Hear about how they got involved, what keeps them coming back, and their “why” behind the “Y”.


Don’t want to miss out on events? This portion of the newsletter will provide a brief description of an upcoming event including speakers, topics, registration information, and deadlines. Events such as Diversity Dialogues, Coffee & Conversations, awareness months, fundraisers, and Meet & Greets will be featured. Stay tuned and make sure to register before the events are sold out!


The Empowering Leaders series will feature leaders in the Northeast Indiana region who have been fearless in empowering others. These passionate individuals not only understand the importance of empowerment, but they share insights and suggestions for others who also desire to make a stronger difference in our community through empowerment. Whether in the form of a blog, video, podcast, or series of images, hear more about the goals and visions these individuals possess.


This final section of our newsletter will provide ideas of how you can get involved. Ranging from opportunities to volunteer, join a committee, or help us with a corporate sponsorship for our events, we will provide a variety of ways you can come alongside us as we empower individuals, support families, and unite communities to improve the quality of life.

To make sure you receive these emails and stay up-to-date with YWCA Northeast Indiana, email and include your name and email address. Newsletters will be sent out in the middle of each month.