Coffee & Conversations

Coffee & Conversations is an opportunity for women in the community to discuss pertinent topics about how to be successful in the business sphere, public square, or in personal growth and development. YWCA Northeast Indiana invites women to come together in conversation for this free quarterly series.

This year, each session builds upon the previous conversation, as we, empowered women committed to empowering others, build a better tomorrow one message at a time.


Meet our Speaker:

Britney Breidenstein

(Principal Strategist, upLinked LLC)

Britney is the founding principal of BeMarie Group where she works with businesses on strategic leadership development, branding strategies, and creating spaces of belonging with strategic implementation. Britney is also the Principal Growth Strategist for upLinked LLC where she provides strategic direction to the founder and businesses on branding development using LinkedIn. Britney has worked with both corporate partners and non-profits throughout the Midwest region and believes in the power of mentorship and leadership development as tools for organizational transformation.

Connect with Britney: LinkedIn


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