Coffee & Conversations: Power of Positive Gossip

June 28, 2023. The Power of Positive Gossip.

Evidence shows that helping others can have a positive effect on your own mental health and wellbeing. Gossip can be a good thing, depending on what we are saying. Let’s change the negative things we say about others to positive, empowering messages about others.

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Meet the Speakers:

Cristina Jiménez

Some notes from Cristina's message:

Gossip can be a good thing: fun, used to build trust, educational

With trauma, ‘drama’ is often the norm. This can be referred to a chaos loop. Years of high cortisol from stress can lead to long term illness and emotional addiction.

Refer to slide about emotional immaturity vs. emotional maturity.

There are many ways to engage empathy.

Refer to slide about emotionally connecting with someone.

Open curiosity provides connection and a deeper understanding of other people’s perspectives. Everyone has their own set of glasses that frame their worldview, and someone else’s prescription likely won’t work for you, just like with glasses.

With the words we say, we either construct somebody, or deconstruct somebody.

Use self-awareness, growth, and positive gossip as a unifier to build positive connections.


Tishamarie Strasser

Some notes from Tishamarie's message:

Women have a natural tendency to use gossip to connect.

Real communication is much more uncomfortable than gossip, but in those uncomfortable conversations, we grow together.

Women who are self assured often face judgement.

Surround yourself with women who are different than you. The last thing we should do in life is “clicking-up”. By embracing and learning from different perspectives, we grow.

Celebrate wins, no matter how big or small! By sharing accomplishments we are leading by example.

There is a scarcity mindset, but please know we are not in competition with other women.

Positive gossip is a conversation that feels good, provides connection and builds networks. This is how we (women) can control the narrative.

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