Out of the Shadows

Think of the women you know… is it your friend? A co-worker? Someone sitting in front of you at your place of worship? Your family member? Or, you?

Did you know you are more likely to know someone experiencing domestic violence or experience it yourself than to know someone with breast cancer or mental illness? And if you think you don’t know someone, it’s likely the person you know is hurting in the shadows and hasn’t spoken out. While breast cancer and mental illness are often talked of in the media, many are unaware domestic violence occurs at comparable rates.*

At YWCA Northeast Indiana, we are seeing a 58% increase in the demand for our domestic violence services since 2020. We are receiving over  9 calls per day to our domestic violence and sexual assault crisis line. Most days our domestic violence shelter is at, or over, capacity. Our community-based advocates are working overtime and still cannot keep up with the demand.

Please help YWCA Northeast Indiana empower people with the resources they need to escape from the violence, for their sake and for the sake of their children. With resources, a woman can more confidently run from the shadows and write her own version of happily-ever-after.

They need your help!

We need to increase our resources so we can meet the growing demand for our domestic violence services. We are asking for a portion of your year-end philanthropic budget. Whether this is $25 or $2,500, the women in our community need your help. Because if they don’t receive help, we are worried about one more statistic: over 50% of female homicide victims are killed by a current or former intimate partner (CDC).

*Domestic violence, breast cancer, and mental illness are all issues affecting women in our community.  We use the stats of all three to show comparable prevalence and bring awareness.  In addition to supporting YWCA Northeast Indiana, we hope you will financially support the treatment and research for breast cancer and mental health as well.

Please donate today and help us save lives!

Or, you can mail your donation via check to:

YWCA Northeast Indiana
Attn: Annual Fund
5920 Decatur Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46816

Thank you!