Celebrating 130 Years

At times, it seems hardly possible for YWCA Northeast Indiana to be 130 years old. Time flies by so quickly! We have gone through many changes along the way—changing programs, acquiring programs from other agencies, and creating new programs based on the demands of our community. Our leadership has changed, and we are blessed to have had several remarkable women direct our ship. We have moved several times, and will move again this year. No matter the changes, one thing is for sure…we have never stopped serving people.  And another equally true statement is that we couldn’t have provided the level of care that we have without the support of people like you.  

Three champions like you led efforts to establish our domestic violence shelter nearly fifty years ago: Peggy Hobbs, Rosemary Lanning, and Marion Coufoudakis. These women spear-headed the creation of the shelter in the 1970s, when services for survivors of domestic violence were not publicly available. Today, we continue to provide safety and support to the 1 in 3 women in our community experiencing abuse. 

In honor of changemakers throughout YWCA history and today, we have newly established giving tiers, which reflect what we offer women and families seeking domestic violence or addiction recovery services.

Giving Levels:

  • Welcomed and Warm, $25 – $99
  • Rest and Renewal, $100 – $249
  • Hope and Healing, $250 – $499
  • Kindness and Kinship, $500 – $999
  • Fearless and Free, $1,000+
  • Persimmon and Proud – ongoing gifts

The pantone color of YWCA’s brand is called “Persimmon,” so for those who create recurring monthly, quarterly, or yearly gifts, we promote to the Persimmon and Proud tier of giving because our regular supporters are the backbone of our mission. But, whether you’re Welcomed and Warm, Fearless and Free, Persimmon and Proud, or somewhere in between, know that we are so thankful for your support. Every dollar makes an impact and we truly could not continue this work without people like you, and Rosemary, Peggy, and Marion, who keep our mission moving forward.

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Please take a moment to learn more about our programs and services and the number of clients served in 2023. We think you will agree that while we have done a remarkable job over these past 130 years, the need for us to serve another 130+ years is evident. Please celebrate alongside us this year!

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